Seasonal Soccer Training with Acceleration and Pro Connect Soccer


We are partnering with Pro Connect Soccer to bring you the best in specialized soccer coaching and training. To learn more about the programs we offer please visit their site at: Pro Connect Soccer

SPQ Programs

In the game of soccer, there is only one thing as important as good technique – SPEED.

A soccer player may have learned excellent touch in order to outsmart their opponent, but without speed to move the ball down field quickly and get in position, the player’s learned techniques might not be enough to make the play.

The SPQ Programs were developed to help athletes improve their power, speed, agility, strength and confidence to improve their game. Soccer athletes who participate in the program train with the most advanced technology available today, along with specialized equipment, all designed to improve:

  • Agility for changing direction quickly on the field
  • Strength and power for forceful shots on goal
  • Acceleration and speed for running with the ball and accelerating past the defender or getting into position
  • Body coordination and balance for executing soccer moves, like passing, dribbling and shooting

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Team Training

Sign up with your team and in addition to top notch training, you’ll also strengthen your team dynamics. We can customize your sessions to align with your team’s goals on and off the field. Components include the Running Treadmill, Plyometrics and Strength Training.

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