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Pick 6 – Summer Hockey Development Program

  Hockey athletes that want to work on the skills of hockey, speed for all sports, and strength and power should look into our new “PICK 6” athletic development program. Athletes will spend 24 hours over an 8 week period on becoming a BETTER ATHLETE as well as a better hockey player. What players get with the PICK 6 […]

Sarah Burnham – Golf and Fitness

Sarah Burnham is shown here with trainer Curt Carbaugh and also doing a golf specific swing resistance drill. Sarah, a senior from Wayzata, trains at Acceleration Golf and Fitness. Sarah signed a D-1 scholarship to play golf at Michigan State next season. Some of Sarah’s accomplishments include: 2012 State Am Champion, 2013 State Open Champion, […]

Super Running Treadmill

Research has shown that incline running on our unique, hydraulically controlled Super Running Treadmill provides 200-300% more recruitment of the muscles responsible for increasing and maintaining speed, than running on level ground at the same stride frequency. This type of speed training increases the chance for baseball/softball athletes to beat out the infield hit, run […]

Golf Area

The golf program will be offered in the back of our building this season and modified due to a smaller space. We will have 5 or 6 hitting bays available and our video camera station set up. Our focus this season will be swing mechanics, balance, and fitness. Lead golf instructor, Phil Meyer, has been teaching […]

Plyo Press Machine

Our Plyo Press Machine (PPM) improves leg strength and explosive power.  Its unique design allows athletes to take explosive power training to a higher level.  The footplate angle puts the athlete in an athletic position to produce force through the balls of his/her feet – not the heels like a standard squat exercise.  You compete […]

Skating Treadmill

We’ll skate you up the ice, literally. Our patented hockey treadmill is designed to accommodate varying speeds and elevations to target the two components of speed, stride length and stride frequency. The added resistance of the ice creates more forceful knee drive while the higher-grade forces longer, stronger extension. The result, an efficient skater with […]

Puck-Handling and Shooting

Our Puck-Handling and Shooting Program covers every angle from hand responsibility to one timers. It teaches players how to perform proper top hand wrist control, how to move quickly and accurately and how to set-up or deke without losing a stride. Our new OCTA-VCF design will give athletes the visual awareness they need to control […]

Turf Area

Some training aids used here are: Tractor Tires: Pull them, push them, flip them and beat them with a sledge hammer. They never quit. Training Ropes: Zero-impact conditioning tools. These ropes will get your heart pumping while developing core stabilization and increasing authentic strength. Sleds: Weighted. Pushing and pulling these sleds in different configurations increases […]