SST Summer Training!

12 Training Sessions for any sport for $275
($50 Discount – Normally $325)

SST precise resistance combined with your performance of your sport motion means that you learn how to perform coordinated, smooth and powerful total body motions that are important and necessary for your sport. As you improve, the SST System will automatically accommodate and adjust to your improvement, providing the new and necessary stimulus and overload required for continued advancement in your performance capabilities. With SST included in your training program you will learn better mechanics at a faster pace and your body will learn how to generate greater speed and power specific for you sport…SST…Sport Specific Training.

  • Train 1 to 3 times a week until August 31st (Sessions expire August 31st, 2018)
  • Available to ages 7th thru 12th grade and includes all sports
  • Includes exclusive training on the Sport Specific Training machine. Sport motion specific exercise. Full speed spectrum training.

About SST

Individualized Exercise Programing utilizing the high level therapy technique of isokinetics combined with the SST custom exercises and computerized data tracking programs.

SST is a new training mode at acceleration. Sign up for a demonstration clinic today to learn about the new mode of Total Body Isokinetic exercise and Sports Medicine therapy.

Like the Acceleration specialized programs, the Sport Specific Isokinetic Trainer (SST), helps to train and rehabilitate athletes in the areas of specific strength and speed conditioning.

The new resistance of SST training combined with the custom exercise motions ultimately teaches your muscles a new coordinated strength, greater quickness, enhanced speed and faster recovery. All resulting in a higher level of performance.

Like the treadmill training its a two-fold process: SST helps perfect correctness on proper form and also through the progressively increasing speed and resistance training on the SST isokinetic system you’re recruiting more of the sport specific muscles. This is especially important after an injury and when training to return to play after physical rehabilitation therapy.

We will evaluate each athlete and then customize a program based on the functional requirements for each trainee’s specific needs. You will find that the Sport Specific Isokinetic exercises will have a synergistic effect, that is, adding SST to your training will increase the results from all of your other training and conditioning.

Sample programs will include:

  • SST program for shoulder care and post_rehab conditioning
  • SST Baseball pitchers IN-Season shoulder care and Performance Enhancement.
  • SST Shoulder injury prevention and post injury recovery (return to play)
  • SST Hockey shot specific training and explosiveness conditioning.
  • SST Upper Body, Core and Torso conditioning.
  • SST Shoulder-Back and Neck conditioning. Concussion prevention conditioning.

SST Testing Programs and return to game speed programing. Safely test yourself with the patented Total Body Sport Specific Motions. Uncover weak links and then specifically strengthen and repair weakness utilizing the a combination of SST training and self care techniques all geared to get you better than pre-injury level.

Personal Training available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6 AM – 10 AM & 6 PM – 9 PM

Additional times will be scheduled upon request, Contact Bob Wolfe at 612-396-5004 to schedule an appointment today!


Please schedule all SST sessions through Bob Wolfe. Call: (612) 396-5004 or email