Sweet 16 – Summer Hockey Development Program


Hockey athletes that want to work on the skills of hockey, speed for all sports, and strength and power should look into our new “SWEET 16” athletic development program. Athletes will spend 16 hours over an 8 week period on becoming a BETTER ATHLETE as well as a better hockey player.

What players get with the SWEET 16 program:

4 Stickhandling/shooting sessions
Puck control and scoring goals.

4 Sprint Training sessions
Sprint mechanics and speed development. (Players can choose to do skating treadmill instead of running treadmill.)

4 Treadmill Skating sessions
Skate stride development and conditioning.

4 Strength/Agility sessions
Foot speed, balance, agility, and full body strength.


Schedule 1, 2-hour block once a week for 8 weeks OR Schedule 2, 2-hour blocks twice a week for 4 weeks

9am – 9pm, Monday through Friday




Payment Plan Available:

Acceleration North can work with your budget so that you can make payments toward this summer skills development program. Just make a down payment of $250 and we’ll space out your payments on the balance after that.