(651) 486-0020 Monday - Friday 2:00pm - 9:00pm Sat 9-1pm 3808 Dunlap St N, Arden Hills, MN 55112
(651) 486-0020 Monday - Friday 2:00pm - 9:00pm Sat 9-1pm 3808 Dunlap St N, Arden Hills, MN 55112
The Only Program You Need

8-Week Speed Program

Guaranteed to improve speed and vertical – This is our primary program, no matter what sport you play, this will make you faster!

  • Guaranteed to improve your speed
  • 2-3 days a week / 16-24 workouts
  • Pre and Post Testing

Acceleration Training Programs Explained

Acceleration programs can be broken down into Speed/Power/Quickness (SPQ) training, hockey specific programs,  sport specific programs like baseball/softball/stick handling, and finally team training.   

Each session, approximately 55 minutes and can be  scheduled online or in person.  For that time, athletes select from one of three stations:  skating treadmill, running treadmill or ground based plyometrics. If you’re not a hockey player or speed skater you wouldn’t select the hockey treadmill for your hour. Each of these small group sessions (1-6 athletes) is run by one of our highly qualified trainers and will be customized to your goals and sport.   

If you are a hockey player and want everything we offer, you should buy an ELITE8 or PICK6 program as these include stick handling and shooting on our new KWIK RINK.   We do sell KWIK RINK packages as an add on program if you only want those options.  

If an athlete is already involved in a strength program elsewhere or at school, just use our speed treadmills as a supplement.  Team training is very popular here as well.  You can book your team to train together for either 60 or 90 minute sessions.    

If you have any questions please book a FREE workout on any of our training stations before you buy anything.     We do offer specialty and custom training programs as well.  These include hitting/speed camps for baseball and softball, pitching/speed camps for baseball, and goalie programs for hockey.  These are posted online and are seasonal.






The History Of TheAcceleration Program

Acceleration is the only science based speed and agility program that has been proven to work.  It was developed by exercise physiologist, John Frappier in North Dakota in the late 80’s.  John Frappier studied how the Russians trained the Olympic track team and brought these concepts to the states. Russian trainers were trying to tap into “over speed” concepts by pulling sprinters down hills  behind vehicles.  This doesn’t work well as gravity and overstriding  has to occur thus injuring the runners knees.  John took those ideas and developed running treadmills that reach speeds of 28 mph and elevations of 40% grade.  Athletes train in front of mirrors to see their skating and running form so they can correct flaws.  John  started training NFL and professional athletes on these machines and testing power output, anaerobic endurance, speed improvements, recovery rates,   and lactic acid thresholds.  He came up with workouts that actually push athletes to the point of anaerobic failure and beyond.  Basically he learned that if you make an athlete sprint at inclines at fast speeds to the point where trainers have to hold them in place for several seconds, athletes do get faster and more explosive.   Our program focuses on correcting sprinting and skating flaws in athletes as well as developing speed, power, agility and strength.   Athletes can start using Acceleration as early as 7yrs of age.   Our speed programs use state of the art equipment that our competitors do not have.   Our incline running treadmills reach speeds of 28 mph and elevations of 40% grade.  Our skating treadmills reach speeds of 18 mph and 35% elevation.  Incline forces athletes to push through the ground 200% more than flat ground training.  Inclines also improve stride length and increase glute/hammy activation.   The agility and plymetric worktouts include ladder drills, floor plyometrics, ground based agility, change of direction, and age appropriate strength and conditioning.   Our staff will teach your athlete the “HOW and WHY” versus just saying “DO”.  Pre and post testing in vertical jump, broad jump, pro agility,  anaerobic endurance, and top end speed will be conducted on our HOPS, ELITE8, and 18 session programs.   If you complete 18-24 workouts you will see gains of 2-4 inches in vertical jump, 4-8 inches in broad jump, and .02-.04 tenths improvement in the pro agility.   Athletes that complete these workouts also see a 50% improvement in recovery time when playing their sport.




Featured Acceleration Athlete - Suni Lee

Congratulations to Suni Lee, coaches Ali and Jess, and Midwest Gymnastics on winning Olympic gold in the all-around! 

Midwest gymnastics used to be located across the parking lot from Acceleration North.  When Suni was 8-10 years old she would train on the running treadmills and our plyo/agility workouts with her teammates.   As she grew and Midwest Gymnastics moved into their current location off Rice Street,  we installed the Acceleration treadmills in their fitness area. 

We trained Suni and all the competitive gymnasts twice a week for several years.  We then moved the treadmills back to Acceleration North and Suni and her teammates would train twice a week until she was 16 years of age.  She is a special talent and was always going to be great, but a lot has to be said about instilling proper habits of sprinting, jumping, cutting, and becoming more athletic at a pre- teen age. 

Start training your athletes on proper form at a younger age vs waiting until they hit puberty.  Get signed up for our speed and agility training today!!  Free evaluations are offered if you have never tried the Acceleration program.

The BEST players are the BEST athletes!!
Get out of your
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Never Say Never – Because Limits, Like Fears – Are Often Just ILLUSIONS.

~Michael Jordan


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Great Community

We have the best athletes that workout at Acceleration North!  We are so proud of all our athletes and enjoy watching many of them turn pro!  

Personal Trainer

Our professional trainers give your athlete the ability to go to the next level by offering state of the art workouts with state of the art equipment.


Acceleration owner Curt Carbaugh started an internship with Acceleration Minnesota after he graduated with a Kinesiology degree from UW Eau Claire.  Acceleration Minnesota was owned by 2 brothers back in 1990-2003. 

Acceleration Minnesota had 5 locations in the metro area and sold them to each director in 2004 and turned them into franchises.  Curt changed his company to Acceleration North as it is located in the North suburbs.  Miles VanTassell was an employee at Acceleration each summer when he was home and not playing minor league professional hockey. 

When Miles decided to hang up the skates, he started working with Curt full time and eventually invested into the company.   In 2017 Acceleration went through a buy out agreement to get out of the franchise agreements.  We opened a location in Hudson, WI in 2017 after the buy out was concluded and now we continue to expand our branding, knowledge, and training programs throughout the metro area.

Meet Your Acceleration Trainers

Our trainers are the best of the best. We know how to get results! All you have to do is show up!!


  • “Curt helped me not only become a stronger athlete but mentally tougher as well. Strength and power training is key to any successful athlete and Curt is someone I can always count on to get a safe and successful workout in. The encouragement from all the trainers at Acceleration North has helped me become the best athlete I am today. Thanks Curt!”

    Sarah Burnham
    LPGA Tour Pro
  • “Curt and his staff are first class in all they do. They are passionate about seeing our kids gain results! They have a proven track record and system to improve all athletes.”

    Aaron Moberg
    Varsity Football coach - Mounds View
  • “There’s a reason Curt has been training hundreds of frisbee athletes for a decade and a half. He and his staff pair knowledge and experience with unique methods of training you can’t really get anywhere else. Any athlete looking to get faster, stronger, and have more endurance should build an Acceleration program into their training routine.”

    Brandon Matis
    Professional Ultimate Player - MN Wind Chill
  • Training at acceleration north has been a great experience for our program.  They are professional and knowledgeable in their approach while emphasizing a personal connection with each athlete. Curt and his team create a positive environment while pushing the kids to constantly strive to do things they never thought they could, all the while increasing their ability and production. Our athletes consistently have some of their best seasons following their training. I highly recommend connecting your programs/athletes with acceleration north.

    Aaron Redman
    Mounds View Girls Track and Field
  • Acceleration North has shaped the athlete that I am today. Training there since youth sports to college has helped me grow immensely. During my ACL tear Curt worked 1 on 1 with me and designed specific exercises to make my return to soccer stronger and healthier. He also specifically designed workouts around my college workouts to prepare me for my season. I never felt like just another athlete at Acceleration. The staff there treats every athlete like an individual and offers so much quality training that you can’t get anywhere else.

    Mackenzie Terness
    Augustana Soccer Player
  • I wanted to take my game to the next level and acceleration north pushed me to be better in the weight room. I have gotten stronger, quicker, and more agile which translates into my game on the ice. I cannot thank all the staff at acceleration north for all the time and effort they have put into my training to help me be the athlete I want to be. 

    Calla Frank
    Starting Goalie - Minnesota State Mankato University